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Soul whispers (Week 15)

Some of the highlights of the previous week (and journey to Finland) was:

1. Getting up in the cold , snowy Finnish morning, in the little cabin in the forest, starting a fire.

2. Eating “piirakka” with a buttery-egg blend on. (This is what used to kill off Finnish farmers by heartattack.) Not exactly a healthy food - but I like.

3. Sitting on the couch playing a Tetris-like computer-game. Just for the fun of it. (It’s been ages since I played any sort of computer-game).

4. Writing another couple of pages on my novel.

What's some of your high-lights?

Soul Whispers (WeEK 14)

I was opening an email from IKEA this week, and found an image calling out to me. Lighting up. So there it was - a little soul whisper. And it's all in good timing. 'Cause what the image showed, was a woman sitting on a chair on a pier in a lake, writing.

As it is, this is just perfect! Because I'm currently packing to travel with Arthur & Ninos to our little retreat-cabin in the Finnish forests. And I'm working to finish a new novel I've been working on for the past three months.

Can't wait to sit on the lake, writing. With some hot cocoa and nature to keep me company.

What soul whispers have you encountered this week?

Let me know - share yours in a comment on Facebook here.


Finally Spring has arrived in Stockholm!

I find myself naturally waking up earlier, having more energy, being attracted to eat more fresh foods, drink more green juice & water. And just generally doing an internal spring cleaning.

Although I wake earlier, I still make time to light candles in the morning, cook a tasty breakfast for myself (I LOOOOVE breakfast!) and my son. Right now, it's usually some form of granola with fruit & almond milk + juice & 1-2 glasses of water). Then I usually journal and meditate before I get myself ready for the day and get Arthur ready for daycare.


1. Recording 3 out of 5 days in The 5-Day Online Intuition Immersion

2. Doing client work + meeting up with client at “Ett Hem” in Stockholm.

3. Doing a couple of spontaneous LIVE trainings on both Instagram & Facebook.

4. Keeping a regular practice of writing morning pages.