Charlotte Luxhoej

Hi, I'm Charlotte

And my mission is to help you live your life in

accordance with who you truly are.

You know, I've always been an adventurer. Always sought freedom and the unknown, but somewhere along the way I'd forgotten what this meant.

Now, in 2016 I'd come to a crossroads in my professional life.

Why - when I basically had everything I'd ever wanted (a loving husband, a newborn son and a good home, living in a foreign country like I'd always dreamed of  - was I then SO darn unhappy?

And that's the tricky part, right? For in the moment you ask yourself this question you know that you have to look for an answer.  

And I found the answer in a most unexpected place. 

I'd decided to do an interview in connection with my blog with entrepreneur and success coach, Liselotte Ellegaard. And during that interview there was one sentence that hit home with me. Becuse there it was: black on white, my pain staring back at me. 

Until the age of 32 I hadn't found - or perhaps - hadn't accepted - my place in the world. I hadn't fully accepted myself. 

And that was where all my frustration, anxiety and stress were derived from. And even worse, I couldn't let myself off the hook. My self-compassion was equal to zero and I couldn't find it anywhere. 

Luckily, that's when the practice of mindfulness came back into my life (I'd healed myself of depression in my early twenties using the techniques of mindfulness - at that time unknowingly so.) 

And that is also when things started to turn around. 

For the more self-compassion you are willing to let into your life, the more love (as in the form of people, ideas, opportunities etc.) can come to you. 

(It's all about the love, baby. ;) )

But you have to be willing to be uncomfortable - for love, as you might well know, is not just about going the places you know.

It's about going into the unknown. 

It's about discovery. 

It's about adventure.

And every adventure has it's trolls and witches (not that any of those are necessarily a bad thing) - otherwise it wouldn't be an adventure.  



Charlotte Luxhøj

Mindfulness instructor, coach, entrepreneur and artist.