Uncover Your Magic

- let go of your inner critic 

and finally turn your ideas into reality.

A 12 week1:1 online Coaching package created to bring you out of "stuck"( 

from feeling sidetracked and distracted with your heartfelt ideas) into action and Finally making them a reality.

It’s for you who:

  • Feel frustrated by not getting your ideas, visions and insigths out.
  • Get distracted and sidetracked in your creative endeavors easily.
  •  Feel tired of “never being good enough” in spite of how brilliant an idea, and no matter how long you've worked on it.
  • Long to live your dreams and get your ideas, visions and insights out into the world. 

This program will make you able to:

  • Create and hold on to a creative routine (and thus give you the structure you need to finish that book, that series of photographs etc).
  • Release any old beliefs holding you back from living the way you long to live. 
  • Act on your ideas, insights and visions.
  • Identify your inner critic, in what situations it shows up and give you tools to handle it.
  • Access a greater sense of joy in your everyday life. 

What you can expect having finished this course: 

• You will be able to keep a creative routine - helping you to stay on track with your ideas (instead of wasting your energy on things that doesn't give you anything or move you in the direction of your dreams) and finally get them out into the world. (Meaning: you can finally finish that book, that series of photographs or other "project" you haven't finished for the last many years).

  • You will be able to act upon your ideas with clarity, ease and grace.

And it’s especially for you who are a:

• writer, blogger/influencer or similar. 

• photographer.

• artist.

• coach.

• healer, alternative practitioner.

• yogainstructor

• or something completely different.

• any of the above on a hobby-level and feel like you need to take it further.

In this package you'll get:

  • A welcome coaching interview (on Word/PDF) to set the stage for your inner journey.
  • 8 intensive (online) sessions spread over 12 weeks. 90 min. the first session, 60 min. the following.
  • 5 mp3's with mindfulness exercises for you to train between sessions. 
  • 5 worksheets that'll lead you to your core values and your ideal way of living (and working). 
  • Email support between sessions (Monday - Friday).
  •  We'll setup the sessions according to your schedule (Mon-Fri).
  • The sessions primarily take place online (alternatively, "live" in Stockholm on Monday evenings.)

The investment:

DKK 13.000,-

Monthly payment plan available (4334 DKK a month).

There is an additional fee of 200 per payment if you choose the payment plan.

First payment to be made at sign-up. The rest to be paid on the 1st of the two following months.

Terms and conditions apply. Read them here.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me

Are you ready to finally get your ideas out there?